Arizona Museum of Natural History, Dinosaur Museum and Virtual Reality

We had the great opportunity to participate in the Science Before Saturday: Get Animated! Event on May 12th, 2017 at the Dinosaur Museum (Arizona Museum of Natural History). We were able to showcase our ideas about animation and virtual reality within an exciting environment filled with huge, amazing dinosaur fossils and other ancient artifacts. The Arizona Museum of Natural History is an exciting (and cool during summer months) destination for kids, students, and families throughout Arizona.

Chunk Media, Google VR, Virtual Reality     chunkmedia - museum of natural history - virtual reality

Virtual Reality content can be viewed in a variety of ways. The image above shows a Google VR headset viewer. Below is a sample image that shows a normal photo on the left and a 360-degree, panoramic, virtual reality (VR) photo on the right.

chunkmedia - museum of natural history - virtual reality

Virtual reality makes it possible for the viewer to be immersed within any environment and look around or view any direction within the environment.

dinosaur museum virtual reality chunkmedia

For anyone considering this type of project, here’s how it works. The virtual reality content would be developed into a mobile app and played back using a smartphone. Then, the user puts the smartphone into a virtual reality viewer as shown below. The user then looks through the two lenses in the viewer to view the app content.

google cardboard vr with smartphone      Chunk Media, Google VR, Virtual Reality

Chunk Media, Google VR, Virtual Reality

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