Chunk Media. Virtual Reality VR Roadmap for professional (or collegiate) sports organizations like the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, PGA, WNBA, NCAA, U.S. SOCCER, and NASCAR

Fans that attend major sporting events feel the awe of the architecture and lights of the stadium/arena/field as well as the energy of the crowd and the high-profile teams and players. But sometimes, depending on the location of the seats, fans can feel like the game and the players are too far away. They would love to walk down to see the court, stand on home plate, or see the pre-game action in the locker room.

Virtual reality (VR) content can be video format, still/static photography format, or CGI (computer generated) format. It is possible for video/audio and/or photographic content can be streamed “live” or it can be staged to an online server and downloaded as-needed.

Imagine the possibilities of a virtual reality viewing experience for fans that can be viewed during the game, before the game, or afterwards.

How can sports teams use virtual reality?

  1. Create virtual reality (VR) content (360-degree video, panoramic photography, 360-degree CGI (computer generated content or 3D)). We could also brainstorm ways to create augmented reality (AR) content, or mixed reality (MR) content.
  2. Create and publish a mobile app that can hold and display the virtual reality content.
  3. Invite fans to download the mobile app (give them the name of the app or a link to the app so that they can download it from one of the popular online markets (Google Play, iTunes))
  4. Give or mail/send fans a free, branded virtual reality viewing device.
  5. Once the fans have (1) received the branded virtual reality viewing device (like Google Cardboard), (2) downloaded the app to their own mobile devices (smart phones) and (3) clicked to activate the app, they would then put their smart phones into the virtual reality viewing device and would look through the lenses of the virtual reality viewing device and view the app that’s being displayed on the smart phone.

Imagine giving fans the ability to more-closely view other areas of the stadium, pre-game locker room huddles, half-time events/activities, concessions menus and locations within the stadium, content related to corporate sponsors, mascots, cheerleaders and promotional teams, aerial views from high above the stadium, or aerial views from high within the stadium itself. Imagine being able to give users special in-app-only footage of player interviews, new player bios, season stats, and so on. And, imagine being able to offer to corporate sponsors a greater assortment of media sales opportunities through in-app / mobile advertising.

Of course, many of these ideas (especially the ideas related to “live” content streaming) would require some careful planning and coordination. However, there are many (easier/faster) ways to repurpose and utilize existing content and imagery in the production of a virtual reality mobile application (mobile app) that would be very exciting for fans. Often, the power of a virtual reality experience isn’t so much about the experience being “live” as it is about the experience being special and unique – offering views and perspectives into areas and activities that would otherwise be off-limits for the general fan.

There are many exciting applications for virtual reality content to be created and shared for professional or collegiate sports organizations such as:

NBA – National Basketball Association, virtual reality, NBA VR
NFL – National Football League, virtual reality, NFL VR
MLB – Major League Baseball, virtual reality, MLB VR
NHL – National Hockey League, virtual reality, NHL VR
PGA – Professional Golfers’ Association, virtual reality, PGA VR
WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association, virtual reality, WNBA VR
NASCAR – National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing, virtual reality, NASCAR VR
NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association, virtual reality, NCAA VR
NFC – National Football Conference, virtual reality, NFC VR
U.S. Soccer & Major League Soccer (MLS), VR

For each of the organization listed above, there would be unique opportunities related to their respective brands, locations, facilities, fans, teams (current team members as well as past/former team members), mascots, memorabilia, concessions, corporate partnerships, corporate sponsors, and so forth. For an organization overall (for instance, the NBA) or for individual teams within the NBA, very unique virtual reality experiences could be created that would draw-in, involve, excite and engage fans as never before.

Chunk Media provides many of the services needed to implement a virtual reality experience for your organization. For larger organizations that have in-house AV departments or existing AV vendors, we would coordinate with those teams/departments and fulfill the tasks/functions that fit best with our resources. For smaller organizations that do not have any in-house AV resources, our team can provide roadmap, direction and solutions related to the capture and production of virtual reality content that would lead to the production of an exciting virtual reality mobile app.

For organizations that already have or are in the process of developing their own mobile app, our team can help fill in the gaps and provide a wide range of other printed (collateral), digital components (micro sites, landing pages, etc.), or season ticket holder kits loaded with brochures and promotional items – designed to support the organizations ongoing efforts. Or, our team can simply help by creating branded virtual reality viewers that can be added to or included as part of an organization’s ongoing promotional efforts.

VIP & Premium Ticket Sales, Season Ticket Holders, VIP Clubs

While this article focuses mainly on national sports organizations and their respective teams and fans, we realize that there are also in-house sales teams and vendors employed by stadiums and arenas that focus on premium tickets and ticket sales, premium seating, VIP seating, season ticket holders, VIP clubs, box suites, concierge services, and so forth. We believe that, by offering virtual reality content and virtual reality viewing solutions as part of the sales process and including virtual reality items in the final offering, customers will notice and appreciate the added value.

Contact Us today to learn more about our virtual reality services. Let’s begin a conversation about ways to bring virtual reality to your sports organization.

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Chunk Media, NBA Phoenix Suns, Google VR

Chunk Media, NBA Phoenix Suns, Google VR (virtual reality viewer)