Google Cardboard VR (Virtual Reality) Viewer

Chunk Media can help you design and produce large (bulk orders) or small quantities of the official Google Cardboard VR (virtual reality) headset viewer.

The Google Cardboard headset is a device that allows you to view virtual reality, immersive, 360-degree apps and media content on your smartphone. The Google Cardboard VR product contains two lenses through which to view the virtual, 360-degree app content on your smartphone.

Google Cardboard VR virtual reality viewer, PHOENIX SUNS

Chunk Media can also help with design and development of rich, virtual content using either 360-degree video or still photography or CGI (computer generated) 3D objects, landscapes, environments, etc.

The image below is an example created by Google of what a CGI (computer generated) 3D landscape environment could look like. This example has a navigation bar across the middle. When viewing this content using a suitable smartphone and using the Google Cardboard viewer, the user can look around in all directions (360 degrees), hear audio, and click on items to navigate farther into the virtual reality mobile app on both android and iOS platforms.
Source: Google,

Contact us today. We’d love to hear about your ideas for using the Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer.